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Welcome to our firm...

Our Terms of Professional Exchange and Policy

CLEAR-Consulting.Biz holds the confidential privacy and respectful protection to both personal and professional information shared within our exchange.

CLEAR-Consulting.Biz is a Seattle based Consulting Firm welcoming a National and Global Presence.


Our CLEAR Mission is to unite Commerce and Community through our unique and innovative consultation process.

We utilize exercise and expertise within the areas of:


About our Managing Director and Co-Founder, Norman Sigler. ...Thank you for taking the time to learn about our Firm. As co-Founder of CLEAR-Consulting.Biz, I am proud to Lead our Management and more directly our Leadership and Recruitment services.

"Helping Organizations and Individuals find the right fit".


About our Conceptual Director and Co-Founder, Tony Anton Allen. ... My passion is found within two words, Creativity & Peace.

Creativity​: The experience, invention and/or awareness of any positive new thing that has original value in response-able presence.​

Peace: the presence of full harmony, the unification of inclusive diversity, known also as the absence of hostility with the release of aggression, fear and violence.








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