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To Be of Positivity

To Be of Positivity

To Be within Presence

To Be within Presence

to Be of Respect

to Be of Respect

1.  To be POSITIVE -  within Intent and Action

The Individual opportunity is to provide the truest, most positive beliefs within the authentic intention of developing, fostering, and facilitating all that is good and kind.  To be Positive is to honestly welcome dialogue inclusive of differing and difficult conversations that is worthy of active intelligent support.

  • The use of positive words that speak to “what is” and “what is desired”

  • Speaking from an established and accountable SELF where “I” means “I” and “YOU” means the person with whom you are talking

2.  To offer PRESENCE  -  Honest Presence in the Now

The process of uniting our individual positions in partnership with those of new and differing positions is a valuable ability of presence in the moment. Partnership originates in the individual MIND and extends as an exercise wherein the individual Explores, with another, Action and Ability in the “Mental and Physical Now”.


AFFIRMATION: "I want to be present with my beliefs based in the current moment and situation". Partnership is an attribute of listening to opposing ideas while respecting those differing positions as response-able allies in the evolution of creative partnership. The Goal of mental partnership is in the offering of strength in the originating truth of the individual.

  • "I Need” Offers  Potential Ego-Conflict, whereas  “I Feel” = Offers SELF  Awareness

  • The Mindful Evolution of  “I Feel” in the moment of Action as “We Create”

3.  To Agree within RESPECT  -  Accountable Listening, Purposeful Sharing and Speaking

Inclusive Diversity is the welcome process of Communal Trust of Listening, Acknowledging, and Speaking.  Participation within listening is twice as important as the active participation found in speaking.

  • Release the need to Fix.  Share & Listen with the intention to reflect the authentic journey of the truth holder, while releasing the desire to fix, label, ease and solve.

  • Embrace differences and difficult situations with open and honest questions of empathy and genuine wonder for Self and Others.


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