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Our Recruitment Process

We invite you to reflect upon our CLEAR Recruitment Process offered below as a generalization of our Process and Procedure.


Please be mindful that many of our successful service offerings are ones discovered and created during our initial Welcome Assessment & Reflection as well as during our Search Process. 


Thank You for this time investment towards our successful collaboration.


Each Recruitment is designed, detailed and tailored to your specific organizational needs for short and long term expectations alignment.  In an effort towards respectful efficiency, we offer to set logistical goals like Time and Location specifics once our Agreement is confirmed.


A general projected completion process from initiation to resolve is preferred to be within a minimum of 2-3 months including preparation time.

  1. With our initial CLEAR Welcome Assessment & Reflection complete, we begin our Recruitment Search with a signed CLEAR RECRUITMENT Search Agreement.


  1. Understanding Your Needs:

    • Client Background Interviews Scheduled with Key Employees

    • Background Interviews Concluded

    • Position Description confirmed by you


  1. Candidate Database Development Plan:

    • Target Company/Org List Finalized

    • Do Not Call (People and Firms) List Finalized

    • Position Marketing & Communications Plan Approved


  1. Sourcing, Calling and Success:

    • Mindful introductions of the Opportunity

    • Research Candidate’s Body of Work

    • Creating the Heart of the Search process with a strong database of aligned candidates


  1. Honest, Present, and Respectful Client Communications:

    • Creative Reflection of your Organization

    • Weekly Updates of the A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s of the Search

    • Daily Updates during Offer Stage of Search


  1. Candidate Leadership Development (the same as our Leadership process)

    • C.L.E.A.R Interview Candidates

    • Top Candidates Interviewed with Client

    • Candidate Education, Criminal, and Employment History Checked & Final Interviews


  1. Recruitment Search Offer is officially Extended and our mutual Resolve is Celebrated!




Our CLEAR Recruitment Process



One of the exciting things about my work is the ability to experience the expressions and relationships between so many inclusive organizations and diverse individuals within our community. It is a sincere pleasure to hold witness to the creation and duration of these Commercially significant and Communally relevant pockets of light and inspiration.

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