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CLEAR RECRUITMENT is a passion of purpose providing tailored people solutions for organizations of commercial and communal integrity. The priority of CLEAR Recruitment is the consistent presence and designed strength in the support of crafting aligned relationships of invitation that allow you to recruit, retain and grow the most effective leaders and colleagues for the purpose of your organization (goals).    Recruitment is a professional networking art of mutual benefit, supporting individuals who strive to become the best possible collaborators in the right opportunity while building long term relationships with organizations looking to nurture commerce and culture. CLEAR Recruitment cordially invites you to inquire with respect to our services in finding these connections between the individuals who successfully match the organization’s detailed and designed "Invitation to Apply"TM.

We are a reflective independent 3rd Party that assess, consults and creates opportunities for Career Alignment and Organizational Development of Professional Long Term Relationships. 
We offer RETAINED LEADERSHIP SEARCH for a specific position and


  • When you need to find that "needle-in-a-haystack", our Retained Leadership Search practice offers you a positive, present, and respectful hiring process for the next leader of your Team, Department, and/or Organization.


  • Initial Candidates are identified and developed through a thorough outreach process within multiple networks and sourcing channels. Qualified Candidates are then screened and the agreed Client Request delivered to your organization.  We recommend three (3) to five (5) final candidates interviewed by your selection committee or hiring decision maker.


  • All interviewing and hiring logistics are directly managed by our firm.  A deposit  Retainer is part of our Recruitment Fee.


  • We are excited to offer on an Onsite Recruiter to assist you with your senior level recruiting needs

  • Recruiter is onsite twice a week

  • Total searches offered within a range

  • Annual contract of a flat fee

  • Our Contract Resolves with the successful hiring and completion of our Contracted Goals.

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