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Our 5 level Coaching Process unites Creativity, Leadership, Environment, Authenticity & Recruitment into a cohesive experience to help you build commerce within your community.

The Complete CLEAR Coaching Service

  • this process includes the complete curriculum for our 5 Hr online offering as the origination of the Creative Heart.
    Getting to the HEART of the Matter with the below LEADERSHIP process. Resolved with all that is specific and detailed to your very specific goals and interests.

    LEADERSHIP Development
    ◦Welcome Assessment & Reflection
    ◦Detailed Assessment of Current Leadership Attributes
    ◦How do you view your Leadership?
    ◦How does the world view your Leadership?
    ◦Explore the Touchstones of Beliefs and Guiding Principles
    ◦Current Language
    ◦Attachment to Thoughts and Things
    ◦Physical Movement

    •CLEAR designed Activity to transition to The MIND
    For the Mind (Awareness, Tools and Practice):
    ◦Forthcoming honesty in a conversation of your Professional Experience and definition of Success
    ◦Listening Skills and Response Ability​
    ◦Current and Future Leadership Opportunities
    •Skills, Tools and Communications Inventory
    ◦Skills Inventory
    ◦Tools – CLEAR Language, Listening, and Boundaries
    ◦Professional and Personal Communications
    ◦Plan of Daily Action
    ◦Identification of Opportunities to Lead

    For the Body – (Leadership in Action):
    •​Active Identification of Opportunities introduced via The MIND
    •Accountable Plan of Daily Action evolves into a seasonal Calendar of Truth
    •Personal Leadership Statement inspired within community engagement
    •defining the Circle of Support into an active experience of exchange
    •​The holistic alignment & connection of the unified Heart, Mind and Body
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