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Welcome to our CLEAR in Person assessment and design. Norman Sigler will meet with you personally within the greater Seattle area for a duration of 2-3 hours to discuss our offerings and your opportunities.  This $250.00 fee can be applied to the COMPLETE CLEAR PROCESS fee of $1,500.00 within one year of contact.


  • Norman will introduce you to the CLEAR Language process, the CLEAR TouchstonesTM and define our MIND-HEART-BODY approach to the union of commerce and community. ​

    Welcomed are conversations and questions regarding:
    - behavior reflections
    - questions into your personal ego-story
    - honest and accountable conversations directed at the entirety of your Alignment as to how that Alignment serves the totality of your "Statement of Intentional Interest"
    - Clear and Reflective Listening
    - Individual and Environmental Language Assessment and the presenting of Gentle Ideas for Opportunity towards the Goals defined therein.

    Norman will introduce you to our CLEAR Language process, the CLEAR TouchstonesTM.

    The united vision of this Service is to develop with Integrity, any and all opportunities of exchange between yourself and CLEAR-Consulting.Biz, with specific design to establish Commerce within Community.
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