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Welcome to an objective assessment and process of designed guidance towards your Leadership potential. 




It is the position of LEADERSHIP that directly defines the reality of ENVIRONMENT. 




CLEAR Leadership:  Assessment, Awareness & Action, a confidential program designed to facilitate the practice and application of your Leadership skills.  Our main goal is to receive the truest expression of you and offer creative and personal Leadership tools in the form of a plan of daily action.  This program is designed for all who are active in seeking to advance their leadership offering in career, community and personal.  We thank you for your interest in these words and look forward to collaborating with you during this exciting time.


Our Leadership Program of Process

CLEAR-Consulting.Biz. and its clients mutually agree with the Leadership service with special support to the HEART, the MIND and the BODY. This program is 20 hours hosted at mutually agreed virtual and in-person locations.  Where and whenever possible, we invite communications via online video communications. CLEAR-Consulting.Biz Leadership Program includes:






























The above is a very general outline of our Services and Process. 

Click HERE for an slightly more detailed outline of our Services and Process.


Our Client Confidentiality is an important part of our valued service. We agree and commit to respecting any and all of your classified, personal and requested private information as such. We will refrain from selling, bartering or sharing this private and confidential information for any reason.



Our program focuses on the process of aligning your goals within the reflective and acountable truth of your actions. 


Leadership comes from self, whether looking for a job, building to improve inter-personal relationships, exploring a self awareness exercise and more. 


Leadership is a great and safe opportunity to discover and present your clearest and truest self.



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