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Our 5 hour CLEAR Process



We offer a 5-hour CREATIVE ASSESSMENT to determine alignment for potential CREATIVE COMMUNITY IP CONTRACTS. This Consultation with both our Managing Director, Norman and our Conceptual Director Tony, is designed to reflect upon your current proposal. We will guide you through the following outlined process:

​A. CLEAR Listening: Awakening the Truth within the MIND.  Listening and Reflecting the words and actions of Habit, Sharing and Intention offer Clarity of Expectations, Responsibilities, and Purpose

B. CLEAR Language Alignment:  Addressing Language: it's Alignment; it's Reflection; and it's Support of our BODY. Within most of our commercial interactions, it is language in use and definition that bonds us. An important part of our work together involves awareness to your language.  We introduce you to our CLEAR Language TouchstonesTM.

C. CLEAR "Statement of Intentional Interest":  Establishing a CLEAR Suggestion Plan towards your Most Positive and Potential Self, Mission and Proposed Goals.   The CLEAR Suggestion Plan involves our MIND-BODY-HEART approach to how you may continue with our work on your own. We extend an invitation to a detailed Development Agreement as the next level of involvement with our Firm.

This Service includes: In-Person behavior reflections, questions into your personal ego-story, honest and accountable conversations directed at the entirety of your Alignment as to how that Alignment serves the totality of  your "Statement of Intentional Interest", Clear and Reflective Listening, Individual and Environmental Language Assessment and the presenting of Gentle Ideas for Opportunity towards the Goals defined therein.

The united vision of this Service is to develop with Integrity, any and all opportunities of exchange between yourself and CLEAR-Consulting.Biz, with specific design to establish Commerce within Community.


This Service is Valued at $500.


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