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Ordinary people with extraordinary vision can redeem the soul of America by getting in what I call good trouble, necessary trouble.       

                                                                                           --  Congressman John R. Lewis (1940 - 2020) 




Diversity is CLEAR - Development: Talent, Economic, & Community




Greetings Boards of Directors, CEOs, Executive Directors, Chief Talent Officers and Hiring Managers:                 


How are you being mindful of the future of your organization? 


What excites you about recruiting great people?


What actions have you as leaders implemented to ensure a Racism-Free workplace? 





If these questions resonate with you, I offer you and your colleagues the services of CLEAR-Consulting.Biz, a Seattle retained Diversity Recruiting & Retention Consulting firm with an office in Mobile, Alabama with a specialization in recruitment for key roles in Executive & Board Leadership, Finance and Technology


As Founder and Managing Director of CLEAR-Consulting.Biz’s Diversity Recruitment offering and with over 20 years recruiting and corporate experience, it is my sincere focus to connect and unite passionate and purposeful organizations with similarly aligned diverse professionals.  I invite you to contact me directly to learn how CLEAR-Consulting.Biz can help you, your talent recruiters, and your hiring managers recruit and retain great colleagues.  



With Gratitude,


Norman Sigler, Founder 









www.CLEAR-Consulting.Biz  l  206-414-9159




A Brief Summary of CLEAR-Consulting.Biz’s Diversity Recruitment Offering


CLEAR RECRUITMENT:  Recruiting is a passion of purpose providing tailored solutions for organizations of integrity.  The priority of CLEAR Recruitment is consistent strength to identify, recruit, and retain highly effective and diverse leaders and colleagues to and within your organization.  CLEAR-Consulting.Biz uses key listening exercises when assessing both the professional position openings as well as within the efficient interviewing process of client teams and the candidates. CLEAR-Consulting.Biz invites you to inquire specifically towards any and all connections of reference in respect to our efforts in finding the individuals who successfully match your organization’s invitation. Recruitment is an art of mutual benefit:  supporting candidates who strive to become the best possible applicant for the right opportunity AND building long term relationships with organizations looking to nurture commerce and culture in the diverse communities in which they operate.

  • CLEAR-Consulting.Biz begins every search with an agreed communications process highlighting a positive, present, and respectful transparency for all aspects of the search.

  • CLEAR-Consulting.Biz is designed to be your long term Diversity & Inclusion partner assisting your internal team and leaders during this exciting time in your firm's evolution.   




CLEAR-Consulting.Biz is excited to begin working with your to meet the diverse talent needs of your organization.  Please Click Here with your specific collaboration interest and to learn more about CLEAR-Consutling.Biz's expertise. Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration of working with  CLEAR-Consulting.Biz







Diversity, Equity, & Inclusive Engagement is CLEAR


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